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The Entrepreneur's Edge is a weekly newsletter designed to empower and inspire forward-thinking entrepreneurs.  

Each Sunday, in under 5 minutes, you'll receive concentrated insights at the intersection of AI, startups, and peak performance. Dive into cutting-edge trends, explore success stories, and absorb expert advice that primes your mind for the week ahead. Leverage the latest resources, enhance productivity, and gain a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving entrepreneurial landscape.

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How I can help

From building an AI-first company, to coaching high-growth founders, to inspiring, empowering and training organizations, my sweet spot is at the intersection of solving problems, creating, and being of service.

Meditating for the first time at age 23 changed my life.  

For the remainder of my 20s, I split my time between working at startups, agencies, and big tech to sitting at silent meditation courses accumulating over a month in silence. I led AI, marketplace, enterprise, and consumer teams at Google and Salesforce. I built products that impacted over 2 billion monthly users and founded multiple startups. The more I present I learned how to be, the more creative, productive, and innovative I became. I started to grow in ways I used to think were not possible.

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CEO coaching for high-growth founders

I work with top CEOs and founders to unleash their superpowers, surpass their goals, and thrive in the process while scaling their companies.

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Consistent actions yield big results.

Success is built on a foundation of regular sustained effort. If you're ready to implement real change, follow me on social. I share short daily tips to help you magnify your potential.

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Inspire your organization with the power of creativity, decision-making, productivity, innovation, leadership, and mindfulness.

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Rachel Weissman is a founder, CEO coach, and creator. She helps founders magnify their potential.

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