My Story

To a path of clarity

Hey there–

It's a pleasure to meet you.

Thanks for prioritizing the time to learn more about my story.

I'm a serial entrepreneur, AI innovator, and artist. Currently, I serve as the CEO & Co-Founder of a stealth AI startup and as a coach to mission-driven founders.

My mission bridges self-mastery, purposeful communication, and intentional technology, which I explore through building systems, coaching, speaking engagements, writing, art, and video content.

Here are a few notable highlights from my journey:

Serial Founder

Built a marketplace, community, productized service, and enterprise

Design & Informatics

Studied Design and Informatics at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Executive Coach

Coach to mission-driven founders enabling greater clarity and impact

Decade in Enterprise

10 years of designing and building enterprise systems, past clients: Deere, Hyundai, PlayStation, & more


Silent Meditation

Spent 5,000 hours in silent meditation and taught meditation at Google


Salesforce AI

Led design for one of Salesforce's first AI products in 2016 and released it at a Dreamforce Keynote


Google Maps & Search

Led design for Google Maps and Search, building systems impacting over 2 billionmonthly users

People close to me in my life describe me as courageous, pure, present, creative, grounded, driven, and someone who lives with conviction. I actively prioritize my mental, physical, and spiritual health to live to my fullest potential and be of the best service to my mission.

I was born and raised in Chicago and am based in Mill Valley, CA.

To a path of clarity,