Executive Coaching

Elevate your purpose, lead with mastery: Transformative coaching for visionaries ready to redefine their impact

I partner with exceptional individuals driven by a powerful sense of purpose—visionary founders, corporate leaders, acclaimed artists, world-class athletes, insightful investors, thought-provoking writers, and influential diplomats. What unites my clients is their commitment to a guiding "why" that imbues their work with profound meaning and significance.

During critical inflection points, people often struggle with making decisions that will profoundly shape their lives and careers. They may experience a misalignment between their past choices and their authentic selves, leading to discontentment and a desire to realign their actions with their core values. Through our collaborative coaching partnership, we explore the factors contributing to this misalignment and develop strategies to navigate these pivotal moments with clarity, purpose, and conviction. Clients seek me out during these transformative periods when they need support to redefine how they lead, decide, act, relate, and expand in ways that honor their deepest values and aspirations. 

I specialize in translating awareness into purposeful action by delivering transformative results in three domains:

  1. Personal Change: Cultivate a deep understanding of yourself to gain clarity on your values, strengths, and growth opportunities. Develop the agency to align your actions with your authentic self, fostering personal integrity and enabling more purposeful decision-making.
  2. Interpersonal Effectiveness: Develop your skills in empathetic communication, influential leadership, and constructive conflict resolution to build strong relationships and enhance collaboration. Foster trust, understanding, and synergy among team members to drive collective success.
  3. Business Mastery: Enhance your strategic thinking and execution capabilities to drive organizational success and create lasting value. Gain clarity on objectives, innovate solutions, optimize processes, and proactively manage risks to achieve your business goals while staying true to your values and vision.

My coaching adapts to each individual’s needs and changing circumstances in order to drive maximum impact over time. I flexibly serve as an advisor, mirror, thought partner, and sounding board, empowering you to become your own greatest teacher and arrive at solutions that align with your priorities and work within your unique context. I draw upon diverse expertise to serve you:

  • Certified by top executive and EQ coaching programs
  • 5,000+ hours of meditation, certified teacher, taught at Google
  • Multi-time founder across various business models
  • Design leader at Google and Salesforce, pioneering AI products
  • Trailblazing explorer across 53 countries, bringing a global perspective
  • Practicing artist with a BFA, bringing creative insight and artistic expertise
  • Competitive athlete, offering performance optimization strategies
  • Immersed in Silicon Valley's startup and venture ecosystem

Our journey begins with a robust Awareness Assessment to clarify your goals and build momentum. We'll meet virtually for potent 60-90 minute sessions 2x/month, with messaging support between sessions. While I don't require long-term contracts, meaningful growth is a process that spans months or years. I'm fully committed to guiding you on that path with complete presence, focus, and value in each interaction.

I’m highly selective about who I work with. I only partner with clients who are ready to do the work, take action, and make changes. If this resonates and you're ready to ignite purposeful transformation through coaching, email me at r [at] racheldweissman [dot] com and share why you believe we're a fit. I look forward to exploring how I can help you achieve unprecedented clarity, action, and impact.

In service of your purpose,

What other clients are saying
What other clients are saying
What other clients are saying
What clients are saying
Partnering with Rachel has been a game-changer for me and my startup. Her coaching approach is both intuitive and strategic, helping me uncover blind spots, challenge limiting beliefs, and tap into my full potential as a leader. Rachel's guidance has not only accelerated my growth but also helped me build stronger relationships with my team, investors, and stakeholders. If you're ready to take your startup and leadership to the next level, Rachel is the coach you've been looking for.
– Growth Stage Tech Founder
YC, Forbes 30U30, Ivy League Grad
I reached out to Rachel to help me navigate the next chapter of my journey. Her unique blend of business acumen, emotional intelligence, and spiritual depth helped me gain clarity on my purpose and make bold decisions aligned with my values. Rachel's coaching has been instrumental in helping me redefine my impact while staying true to my authentic self.
– Recently Exited Founder
When you're building a startup, there's nothing more valuable than perspective. Building can be incredibly isolating, and Rachel is an amazing breath of fresh air when you feel like you're caught up in the day-to-day minutia. She can help you expand your perspective, and her communication style is such that I always feel comfortable being true to myself and knowing that she will listen and help without judgment. Especially given her incredible background in mindfulness and emotional intelligence, I am so grateful to have Rachel in my life and in my corner while I'm building my company.
– Growth Stage Tech Founder
Ivy League Grad
Rachel's coaching has been transformative for me as a corporate leader. Her global perspective and expertise have helped me navigate complex challenges across markets and industries enabling me to unlock new levels of success. With Rachel's guidance, I've become a more purposeful, influential, and emotionally intelligent leader.
– Senior Vice President
Fortune 100 Company
Keeping up with the demands of running my business while raising two young kids is challenging. The constant stress and strain on focus and attention never seem to end. Working with Rachel has helped me get clear on where I'm stuck and helped me identify the areas where I need to improve. Her approach is comprehensive, which has been a game-changer for me. Rachel is an excellent sounding board for ideation, and her style makes you feel comfortable sharing any thoughts and concerns. I highly recommend working with Rachel to any leader looking to reach their full potential.
– Social Impact Entrepreneur
Forbes 30U30