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I work with top CEOs and founders to unleash their superpowers, surpass their goals, and thrive in the process while scaling their companies.

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My coaching practice was founded on the belief you’re one choice away from your potential.

As a founder, you have 3 primary roles: visionary, fundraiser, and team builder.

In each of these roles, you must effectively inspire, motivate, and communicate your vision, while building relationships and making tough decisions.

This kind of success demands creativity, strategic thinking, identifying opportunities, and devising innovative solutions.

Yet, most founders miss the foundational step.

You first need to master your inner game.

Your inner game is comprised of mindsets, self-care, and thinking styles to access optimal states of being; examples include flow states, mindfulness, resilience, happiness, etc. With this awareness and access, your perspective will shift.

You’ll see your vision with greater clarity, stay focused to optimally execute, manage your time effectively, and confidently lead while developing strong relationships. I believe there isn’t a one-size fits all approach to company building. So, my job is to illuminate your superpowers so you can thrive in your zone of genius and happily delegate the rest.


As a fellow startup founder and entrepreneur, I empathize firsthand with the struggles and triumphs of company building.

I combine this experience with my certifications and expertise in executive coaching, emotional intelligence, and meditation.

I am equally creative and analytical. I can see easily when something needs to be more effective and can help you achieve greater insight or develop an innovative solution.

I’ll ask you intentional questions, mirror for deeper understanding, and provide relevant behavioral and startup context for you to receive clarity and forward momentum. Equally, I can shift into having targeted conversations when necessary. You’ll quickly start to observe your own behavior, and together we’ll identify the ways in which it can be better. I’ll empower you to stay clear, focused, and motivated to surpass your goals while thriving throughout the process.

I work best with founders who are leading forward-thinking growth-mode organizations that positively impact people or businesses.

I segment my approach into 3 building blocks:


If you resonate with my philosophy and approach, complete the form below. I work with a limited number of founders at a time, so this is the easiest way to quickly determine if we’re a potential fit. I’ll then follow up via email, and we’ll schedule an introductory call.


We’ll kick off our coaching engagement by getting clear on where you are. Based on your goals, I’ll propose tools we can use to provide you with a comprehensive view of your strengths, weaknesses, passions, emotional intelligence, leadership style, thinking style, etc. This will serve as a baseline for us to measure how you grow in the proceeding months.


With this new data, we’ll craft a plan of action and put it into practice. The core of my approach is based on authentic conversation. We’ll establish a high level of trust and respect to allow the optimal free flow of insights and ideas. I’ll partner with you to improve how you’re showing up and achieving your goals by unpacking and fine-tuning your mental models for better outcomes with less effort. My goal is to unlock the best way for you to lead and build your company, tailored to your unique needs and style.


The ROI of coaching

Coaching unleashes the potential of individuals and teams by eliminating confusion, fear, and stress. With clear minds, tasks and collaboration become more natural, leading to a significant boost in productivity and overall well-being. When the vision, roles, and responsibilities are ambiguous, and stress levels are high, your company suffers a massive loss of productivity. Founders invest in coaching to magnify their team's potential and achieve outstanding results.

Executive coaching has a profound impact on productivity.

Let’s break it down:

Teams of 5-8 People

each workday can deliver productivity equivalent to one full week.

Teams of 20-30 People

each workday can generate productivity equivalent to one full month.

Teams of 250-300 People

each workday can produce productivity equivalent to one full year.

Source: HBR Research Report “The Realities of Executive Coaching”

As a founder determined to scale Breathwrk, I highly recommend partnering with Rachel. She prioritizes mastering my inner game, helping unlock an even greater impact for the company. With her expertise in executive coaching, emotional intelligence, and meditation, she provides the clarity and focus needed to achieve my goals. Rachel’s creative and analytical approach surfaces more innovative solutions for the team, and her authentic approach builds the trust and respect needed to enable a free flow of insights and ideas. With Rachel’s coaching, I can exceed my goals while enjoying the journey.

Max Gomez
Co-Founder & CEO at Breathwrk
Forbes 30 Under 30

When you’re building a startup, there’s nothing more valuable than perspective. Building can be incredibly isolating, and Rachel is an amazing breath of fresh air when you feel like you’re caught up in the day-to-day minutia. She can help you expand your perspective, and her communication style is such that I always feel comfortable being true to myself and knowing that she will listen and help without judgment. Especially given her incredible background in mindfulness and emotional intelligence, I am so grateful to have Rachel in my life and in my corner while I’m building my company.

June Cong
Co-Founder & CEO at Commas

Keeping up with the demands of running Maverick while raising two young kids is challenging. The constant stress and strain on focus and attention never seem to end. Working with Rachel has helped me get clear on where I'm stuck and helped me identify the areas where I need to improve. Her approach is comprehensive, starting with the inner game and mindset, which has been a game-changer for me. Rachel is an excellent sounding board for ideation, and her style makes you feel comfortable sharing any thoughts and concerns. I highly recommend working with Rachel to any founder looking to reach their full potential.

Michael Fishman
Co-Founder & CEO at Maverick Community
Forbes 30 Under 30, ODX 1

Like any high-growth founder, I'm constantly juggling a million things at once. My big thing is that I'm ruthless with my time and know taking the right actions is essential to Warmly's success. Rachel helped me to get clear on my goals, prioritize my tasks, and delegate effectively. Her approach is thorough and detailed while tailored to my individual needs. She helped me to identify my superpowers, which allowed me to thrive in my zone of genius while delegating the rest. I can confidently say that I'm now more focused, productive, and resilient than ever before. If you're a founder looking to level up, I highly recommend working with Rachel.

Maximus Greenwald
Co-Founder & CEO at Warmly
YC S20, Techstars Boulder, Forbes 30 Under 30

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