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Everyone is creative, yet for most, this is an untapped superpower. Learn how to cultivate an environment that fosters creativity, and how to translate your creative ideas into impactful results. Rachel will leave your team feeling inspired and empowered to unleash your own creativity on the world.

Decision Making

When it comes to decision-making, conventional wisdom can only take you so far. Rather, decision-making is an art and science. Discover how to break free from traditional decision-making paradigms, analyze data through a new lens, and tap into your intuition to make the bold decisions that lead to real innovation.


Innovation is the lifeblood of any organization, but how do you foster a culture of innovation in your own workplace? Rachel shares her experience working with startups and leading tech companies so you can create an environment that encourages experimentation, risk-taking, and breakthrough thinking. Discover the secrets to building a team of innovators, and unleash the full potential of your organization.


Leadership isn't just about making decisions and giving orders. It's about creating a culture that inspires and motivates everyone to bring their best to the table. Rachel will share how to lead with empathy and intention, build trust and collaboration within your team, and develop a growth mindset that will keep your organization on the cutting edge.


Discover how to bring awareness and intention to your daily life, manage stress and anxiety, and cultivate greater peace and well-being. Rachel will share simple but powerful techniques to integrate mindfulness into your work and personal life and discover how to use these practices to enhance your everyday.


Discover how to unlock your team's productivity potential with Rachel's time-tested strategies for efficient time management. Learn to prioritize tasks, stay motivated, and achieve results with ease. Get insights on how to optimize your work environment for maximum productivity and stay focused on what matters most.

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Rachel Weissman is a founder, CEO coach, and creator. She helps founders magnify their potential.

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